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Overwraps, why they are a good idea!

Most people think that an overwrap is just for use in the winter, I however tend to use mine all year round. The only time I would be tempted to leave it at home would be if I was doing an overnight session and needed to pack and set up quickly. The reason I use one all year round is for a number of reasons; […]

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Winter Carp Session at Ladywood Lakes

I decided that for this session at the start of December I would not fish the syndicate but go to a runs water for a little Winter action, unfortunately things did not quite go to plan. I arrived early in the morning and it was -2 degrees, the ground was frozen solid which made getting the bank sticks and bivvy pegs into the ground almost […]

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Surely it can’t be another blank!

Most of my family and friends think I am completely mad when it comes to fishing and arriving at the syndicate at just before six in complete darkness does tend to make me agree with them! I could not believe that it was a barmy six degrees at this time in the morning in January. My hopes were high as they always are and I […]

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Successful Winter Carp Fishing – In Conclusion

Winter fishing is hard make no mistake about it but having said that if you can get out there in the wet and cold it does have its rewards. The numbers of anglers on the bank will be less, Carp look fantastic in their winter colours and are usually at good weights. They are harder to catch but then it was never meant to be […]

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Successful Winter Carp Fishing Part 3

  Welcome to part 3 of my Winter Fishing series, this time we are going to look at the subject of what equipment you need. I don’t mean rods and reels etc but let’s face it if you are not warm and comfortable then you are not going to operating at 100%. So keeping warm and dry is a priority, not only will you be […]

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Successful Winter Carp Fishing Part 2

  As promised here is part 2 of this series of articles concentrating on winter fishing. This time we are going to look at bait and tactics Bait is a subject that seems to confuse and trip up most Carp anglers not just in winter but all year round. It is a subject that would take numerous posts to cover but for now I am going […]

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Successful Winter Carp Fishing.

So you want to catch Carp in Winter? This is part one of a series of blogs dedicated to help you with your winter carping. Well it is nearly the end of November now and finally we are having some proper November weather and temperatures. This has come as a bit of a shock because of the really mild spell we have had up until […]

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