Why you should consider buying Delkim alarms

I don’t think there is a Carp angler alive that has not heard of Delkim bite alarms and there must be more reviews of this one bit of kit than you can shake a stick at. So why am I going to the bother to add to the list of reviews? Simple really, it is down to the brilliant service I Just received from Delkim themselves.

As you know I recently took an unscheduled dip in my syndicate lake, well my alarms went with me and ended up on the lake bed. When I got home I took the batteries out and left them to dry out in some rice in a nice warm part of the house. After forty eight hours of drying unfortunately only one alarm and the receiver had survived the incident intact.

I logged onto the Delkim website (www.delkim.co.uk) and having read the easy to follow instructions I completed the online returns form, carefully packed my faulty alarms up and headed off to the Post Office to send them back. The communication via email and text I received from Delkim was second to none, from letting me know they had received the alarms, the cost of the repair and finally that they were on their way back and when they would be delivered.

It only took 7 working days from the day they received the alarms to them being back with me which you have to admit is a great turnaround. Both alarms ended up having the following repairs carried out: reseal, circuit recoating, refit of speaker and new sensors fitted all for the grand sum of £25 which I think you will all agree is great value for money.

Delkim alarms

My Delkim alarms back in use after being repaired

Really I should tell you a little bit about what I like about these particular alarms. I have now had my set of 3 Delkim TX-i plus alarms and RX Plus Pro receiver for a good few years and they have never let me down. This is the first time I have ever had any issue with them and in reality it was all my fault. I like the fact that I have total control over sensitivity, volume and tone at my fingertips. Another great plus point is the battery life which is the best I have ever known, they use a standard 9v PP3 battery which can be picked up  just about everywhere these days, which means that having spares or replacing is no issue at all.

My favoured settings which pretty much stop any false indications because of wind etc but gives me the sensitivity that I require for bite indication are:

Sensitivity + and level 3

Volume level 0

Tone level 1

I have never had an issue with the signal being blocked to my receiver and always have it on local. As you can see from my settings I have the volume set to 0 on my alarms and have the audible notification come from the receiver only. I have also disabled the vibrating alert. As my alarms all have white LEDs (this is only because I am a bit of a secret tackle tart and have white Korda Stow bobbins as well) I have the alarms set as purple, white and green on the receiver.

Now there is one thing I do not like about the receiver and that is the distance setting. I think that this can encourage anglers to be too far away from their rods and to leave your rods unattended is just unacceptable! Whilst this has nothing to do with the alarms, receiver or Delkim themselves I do think it opens up the temptation to be just that little too far away.

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