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So you may be wondering why I would write a blog about this when there are loads of bargains to be had out there on the World Wide Web! At this point I am going to be honest and say yes I do use the internet and order online but hand on heart I think that 95% of my purchases are from two local tackle shops.

Being a regular face and striking up a relationship with the staff has proved to be beneficial not only in getting the best price but also little bits of information on things like venues, pegs, tactics, etc for the local area. I have also gained information on new products and what is good and what is not as good as it should be. Think about it, nobody has access to as much knowledge as the guys who work in a tackle shop. Day in, day out they are talking to anglers.

Also with the economy the way it is all too many shops are closing down so why not get what you need from the local shop and keep them in business.

The carp section is split over two floors

The carp section is split over two floors and is having a major facelift at the moment

My first port of call is the North West Angling Centre in Hindley. Lucy will tell you that I spend far too much time in there (the staff will you tell you that I am there more than them as well). The shop is vast and caters for Carp, Pike, Course, Sea and Game angling. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable and they always make you feel welcome. A major plus point for me is that you are never made to feel under pressure to make a purchase.

There always seems to be plenty of stock with nearly every tackle company well represented. If they haven’t got what you need they will let you know when the next expected delivery is or if they can order it especially for you.


They also operate a loyalty scheme which means you get a discounted price on everything you buy. Each month there is a Facebook prize of £30 in gift tokens just for a like and a comment.

Say hi to Tom when you visit the NWAC

Say hi to Tom when you visit the NWAC

Tom Roberts runs the Facebook page for the shop and is always quick to answer any questions that are posted on the page. Tom always makes time to have a chat with me even when the shop is very busy which it can be at times. Tom is keen to find out about how the carping is going and how I am finding the various items I have purchased in the past. He’s not a half bad angler either!

Now there is a downside to visiting a tackle shop rather than just browsing on line, it may only affect me but I am betting that this is not the case. I always buy way more than I planned to when I first walked in. Which does tend to get me in a little trouble with Lucy but I think she understands!


Oh and before anybody asks no I am not sponsored by NWAC and no money was exchanged for the good review, it is just my humble opinion.

All the best


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