Nash Indulgence Sleep System 4 Leg

Nash Indulgence ss4

Nash Indulgence Sleep System

I have now been the proud owner of this for over 18 months and I have got to say that it is the warmest and most comfortable bed chair I have ever used.

It has a deep pile insulated mattress which is removable to allow air to flow through as a cooling system on hot nights. To be honest I only ever remove the mattress to clean it.

One of the main features of the sleep system is the twin duvet system which means that this is a true 5 season system. Now I do not feel the cold even at the grand old age of 44 and hand on heart I have never had the need to use the second duvet option. All I use is the main duvet and a Aqua Products bed chair cover and this has kept me warm even in mid winter. Throughout the year I only ever sleep in shorts and a T-Shirt which shows just how warm this system is. On really hot nights I have not used the duvet at all and have opted to sleep under the bed chair cover.

The main duvet has enlarged baffles along each side which traps the warm air between them and your body yet allows for plenty of movement which for me is a must to a good nights sleep and also when trying to get out fast to hit a run. As I find with most sleeping bags I end up tangled up in them as I fidget through the night.

Nash Sleep System 4 leg

Nash Sleep System

The last really good thing about this system is that it is lay flat which is for me the most comfortable and means I no longer have a bad back in the morning.

It is however not all positive. The chair is very bulky (packed down it is 98cm high by 78cm wide) and hard to manoeuvre and it will not sit flat on my barrow no matter what I try. At 18kg it is not the lightest on the market either.

All things considered I would highly recommend this bed chair and would give it a score of 9.5 out of 10.

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  1. Newton June 1, 2017 at 19:23 #

    Specifically demanded by the taller carper, the four leg SS4 and SS4 Wide 4 Season Sleep Systems offer improved comfort from longer mattresses and frames, offer greater ground clearance and increased leg adjustment to help maximise under bed storage.

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