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One of the most common questions I get asked as a tackle shop manager is “what is the best?”. Now this may be rig, bait, line etc.This is a really hard question to answer as there will always be a lot of different opinions as to what is best. What I am going to try and do over the coming months is not answer what is the best X, Y or Z but instead I will explain to you what I would recommend and why.

So let’s start with one of the most common questions “what is the best CARP rig?” well it will come as no surprise but I would say the multi rig covers around 96% of my fishing. I really believe that this is one of the most versatile and effective rigs around.

Obviously you can use it for a pop up presentation but it is equally as good being used with a bottom bait or a critically balanced bait. You can use it with big and small baits, in the margins and at long range. It really is an all round rig with limitless permintations. Another advantage of the multi rig is If you happen to blunt your hook you can change it in a matter of seconds rather than having to replace the whole rig.

If you tie your own rigs then you can use different hook length materials so that you can have extremely stiff or supper supple presentations, you can also change the height of your pop ups, the length of the rig. The variations are really limitless.

There is always the option to buy ready tied rigs. There are some really good ready rigs on the market, my favourite ones are available from Korda

Korda Ready Made Rig
Korda Ready Made Multi Rig

At the start I did mention I use the multi rig about 96% of the time. I only really change my choice of rigs when I am using PVA bags, surface or zig fishing. I will cover these later on in the series.

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