A Return to Fly Fishing

It has been quite a long time since I have done any serious bank fishing for Trout but last week I took the opportunity to get out and see if I could have a few. My casting was never the best and being rusty it took a little while practising on the field behind the lake before I was back into the swing of things and could make a half decent cast!

just short of 3lb Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout

I had chosen to fish a small still water of just under 2 acres with a healthy stock of Rainbows with an average size of two and a half pounds with a few tipping the 9 pound mark! I started off with a midge tip line and a team of buzzers. First cast and I had a take and forgot all I knew about fly fishing, struck and promptly lost the fish. A couple more casts and I had another take (this time letting the fish hook itself and keeping the rod low) after a very hard fight I landed a very nice Rainbow of two pounds 12 ounces. In the next hour and a half I had 2 more Rainbows and a one pound Blue Trout that fought harder than any of the Rainbows twice its size!

The takes then dried up and even a change of buzzer colour did not induce a take. A change of tactics was called for! The other rod was set up with a sinking line with a nine foot leader and a coral booby first cast with a medium speed retrieve and another Rainbow just short of three pounds was soon landed.

The rest of the day was spent changing tactics every hour or so to keep the fish coming. In total I landed 9 Trout 2 of which were Blue Trout and lost four. It had been a very pleasant day and I must get out and do this more often!

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