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Farm Pond Session Video

I love fishing this little farm pond so I hope you like this short video of one of my many sessions on here. Farm Pond Winter Session

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Getting Back to Basics

Due to work commitments my fishing has been limited to the odd day session here and there. I have decided to fish the farm pond whenever I can (see my post about small water carping for more information To make things a little more fun I have decided to use a centrepin coupled with a wagler float rather than the normal bolt rigs etc. […]

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How to bait up with a spod or spomb accurately

Let me start out by saying that this is not a casting tutorial. If you need a specific casting tutorial to add distance then check out the likes of Terry Edmonds who will be able to help you out. What this is however is a quick tutorial on how to make sure that your bait ends up where you intend it too. First of all […]

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24 hours with Simon Crow

Back in May last year I just happened to notice on social media that Simon Crow was going to run 5 one to one tutorials later in the year. I knew that these would go fast and so decided to risk my life by asking Lucy if it was ok to get in touch with Simon and book to go fishing with him. Why was […]

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How The Best Carp Anglers Can Help You

Whilst I respect the opinions and talent of a lot of anglers there are a few that stand out for me. These are anglers that have influenced my Carp angling in a big way, some from the very start and some more recently. As you can probably guess at the top of this list is Julian Cundiff and in no particular order the other five […]

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Do you really need to use Rig Tubing?

Well in my opinion it is a resounding no and I haven’t used it for years. There are a number of different reasons why I don’t feel the need to use it. First of all I think that it sticks out like a sore thumb on the lake bed even if you try to break up the outline with marker pen. I have tested this […]

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Watch and Learn

I often read on forums people berating the videos made by Fox, Korda etc that “they are just marketing tools”, “what a load of rubbish” and “would rather stop fishing then buy their stuff”.  Comments like this go on and on. Well I think that they are invaluable and try to get my hands on as many as I can and I also watch quite […]

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Successful Winter Carp Fishing – In Conclusion

Winter fishing is hard make no mistake about it but having said that if you can get out there in the wet and cold it does have its rewards. The numbers of anglers on the bank will be less, Carp look fantastic in their winter colours and are usually at good weights. They are harder to catch but then it was never meant to be […]

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Successful Winter Carp Fishing Part 3

  Welcome to part 3 of my Winter Fishing series, this time we are going to look at the subject of what equipment you need. I don’t mean rods and reels etc but let’s face it if you are not warm and comfortable then you are not going to operating at 100%. So keeping warm and dry is a priority, not only will you be […]

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Successful Winter Carp Fishing Part 2

  As promised here is part 2 of this series of articles concentrating on winter fishing. This time we are going to look at bait and tactics Bait is a subject that seems to confuse and trip up most Carp anglers not just in winter but all year round. It is a subject that would take numerous posts to cover but for now I am going […]

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