Winter Carp Session at Ladywood Lakes

winter common carp

A very welcome Winter Carp

I decided that for this session at the start of December I would not fish the syndicate but go to a runs water for a little Winter action, unfortunately things did not quite go to plan.

I arrived early in the morning and it was -2 degrees, the ground was frozen solid which made getting the bank sticks and bivvy pegs into the ground almost impossible. My chosen tactic for the first 24 hours was going to be adjustable Zigs with a sloppy spod mix consisting of liquidised Scopex Sweetcorn, Hemp, Triple-N Stick Mix Liquid and Special G groundbait in green and gold. For hook baits, I used trimmed down Triple-N and Super Fruit pop ups. Despite plenty of liners I did not get a single bite!

The following morning the temperature had risen and the ground was now defrosting and turning into a mud bath.

Casting the rigs into 28ft of water

Casting the rigs into 28ft of water

I opted for a change of tactics and decided to fish a new spot in just over 28 feet of water this time with Multi-Rigs and white Triple-N pop ups over 4 spods of 10mm Triple-N boilies, crumbed boilie and Scopex Sweetcorn. I also added a liberal amount of Triple-N Stick Mix Liquid and Scopex liquid.

Well this did the trick and 24 hours later I had managed to land 2 small but perfectly formed Commons. Both were under 10lbs but with the cold weather, high pressure and mud I was very happy to have them.

If this has inspired you to go and do some Winter Carp angling then my 4 part series on Successful Winter Carp Fishing may be of use to you.

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