The Ups and Downs of Carp Fishing

23lb Tyram Hall Common Carp caught on a RG Baits 365 Pop up

23lb Tyram Hall Common Carp caught on a RG Baits 365 Pop up

As I drove to my syndicate I thought that Pegs 12 or 16 were the ones I wanted for the next 48hrs as the warmish southerly winds would be blowing straight into that bank. On turning up they were already taken by Paul and Dave. After spending far too long talking to the both of them (thanks lads for the drink!) I finally decided on the point swim. There were lots of fish in front of them on the plateau and this swim gave me access to back of it, I had fished it before with mixed results.

I decided that I would fish the same spots as I had before which last time resulted in 3 runs, unfortunately I only managed to land one of them(surely this could not happen again). I keep detailed notes for each swim with distances, bank side markers etc that make it easy to get my hook baits “on the money”. In no time I had a CC Moore Live System pop up cast to the island, a white Northern Special cast to channel between the island and the plateau and a pink RG Baits 365 popup cast to the edge of some weed on the plateau.

After getting everything else sorted out it was time to eat. A steak sandwich with potato salad was the order of the day and very nice it was. It was a very mild night and I sat out watching and listening for any signs of carp and enjoying the odd cup of tea until around 1030 when it was time to get some sleep, hoping that I would get woken up by a run in the night (I was not).

The following morning as I was sat in my swim watching Paul weighing and photographing a mid 20lb Carp I had a take on the middle rod. The fish kited off left straight into a weed bed but steady pressure soon had it out. It was at this point I realised that I had not fully engaged the drag properly (this was my first outing with my new reels, that is my excuse and I am sticking to it). I still maybe had the clutch a little loose and as I went to net a very golden common it powered off again. This happened four more times and on the fourth occasion as it powered off once more it managed to get into some lily roots but luckily I managed to get it out. Paul had seen what was going on and had made his way round to offer to help but it was all too late as on my fifth attempt just as it reached the cord of my net the line snapped and off she went back to the depths. All I was left to do is stare in disbelief and vocalise my disappointment to no one in particular, needless to say Paul did not hang around to chat!

The line was shredded to pieces for about 20 feet so that was removed and the rod made back up I decided to wind in the other 2 rods and walk round to see Dave and Paul for a ten minute time out and to make up for the fact I had not been in the mood to talk after losing the fish. As I was chatting with them Paul had a double figure Koi I thought that it was a good sign that we had all had a fish in just over an hour.

It was a few hours later when I had a take on my left hand rod which was positioned on the plateau,  I was not surprised that it was this rod that had the take as I had been watching a number of fish drift over the spot for the last hour or so. This one also fought like a demon and refused to come to the net, all I could think was “not again!” The lads were watching what was going on and as I finally managed to get it safely in the net it was a big thumbs up from everyone!

It was another common weighing in at 23lb with very distinctive markings on its head. I cannot explain how happy I was especially after what had happened early. A couple of photographs later and after resting her in the sling for 10 minutes I watched her swim off strongly with a big smile on my face.

23lb Tyram common carp

The other side of a typical Tyram Common

It did not take long to have the rod re-baited and cast back out to the spot with a handful of boilies scattered over the area. I carried on watching fish drift over my spots for the rest of the afternoon and I was sure that I would have a bite or two before it was time to pack up in the morning but I was wrong.

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