Surely it can’t be another blank!

Most of my family and friends think I am completely mad when it comes to fishing and arriving at the syndicate at just before six in complete darkness does tend to make me agree with them! I could not believe that it was a barmy six degrees at this

early morning at Selby 3 lakes

early morning start

time in the morning in January. My hopes were high as they always are and I set off on my first lap of the lake hoping to see any little sign of a Carp, 3 laps done and not a sniff of a fish.  By this time Glynn (another syndicate member and friend) had turned up and as this was going to be a bit of a social we decided that we would fish Pads and Twin Oaks (which we have now renamed  Ian’s Pad and Glynn’s Oaks). Gaz who was turning up later could fish either End Swim or Brambles.

It seemed to take me ages to get set up and fishing. To be honest I had a bit of a nightmare with my casting, first of all I could not get my far rod on the exact spot I wanted for what seemed like forever but in reality was about six casts. I then decided the 3 rod would go on the far spot as well about six feet to the left of it, first cast was too short, on the second I manage to crack off (something I have not done in ages). To add insult to injury I watched the lead, rig and hook bait sail through the air ending up in a tree on the island in prominent view as if to mock me each time I looked towards the area I was fishing. Now it was my intention to put three small spombs (of a winter mix I have come up with) on the single rod and five spombs on the far two rods. Well this went well until I once again had a crack off, I watched the spomb hit the water 20 feet in front of me and promptly sink. As you can imagine I was now not in the best of moods!

Gaz turned up mid-afternoon and decided to set up in Brambles as he has had fish from here before. The rest of Friday passed by with very little to report apart from the screaming run I had from a Coot!

Winter Ice

Winter ice

Saturday was much the same again apart from my casting was now going well and it took one cast each to get the rig right on the spot I wanted. I just don’t understand how I can cast so badly at one point and then the next time be spot on, I guess this is what is meant by “form”.  It was very quiet again with no signs at all of any Carp in the area.  Around noon I wound in and took a slow walk around the lake but saw nothing to indicate it would be worth moving to a different swim. It was time now to get back to my swim and get the rods cast back out, with my small spod I put a little bit of my winter crumb mix out. An hour later I had another pick up from a Coot, which really surprised me as I have fished this same area a lot and I have never had any issues with the birdlife and now I have had my rig picked up twice in less than twenty four hours. We decided to have a curry delivered Saturday evening which was I have to say extremely good and honestly the highlight so far.

the lake is frozen over

Frozen Carp lake

I did have a couple of liners late Saturday night and by the time I decided to get in my pit at eleven thirty I thought I still had a chance of a Carp as it was not as cold as the forecast had predicated and there was plenty of cloud cover.  I could not have been more wrong on all accounts, I did not have a single bleep from my alarms since falling asleep and the temperature must have plummeted as the lake was now frozen!

It was a good job this was a social event as the fishing was not good at all with all 3 of us ending on a blank (and to be fair to us nobody else caught either). Next winter I am definitely going to change things up and try and find a different water to fish in the winter which will give more than half a chance of catching a Carp. Selby has certainly lived up to its reputation of not having any winter form at all.

I am not going to end on a negative as I always try to take something from each session. So first of all I got try out my new Aqua Products M3 bivvy and extended wrap, which I was most impressed with. Also very happy with the crumb mix and what I have done to increase the attractiveness of my CCmoore Northern Special popups. I will post up a detail review and How to’s later.

So in response to the title of this post “It was another blank and don’t call me Shirley.” (I love the film Aeroplane)


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  1. Jules January 30, 2017 at 19:27 #

    Good stuff mate.. It has never been a productive winter water as such although occasionally it will have a mad year if you can drop on them and they don’t move.. Dead Tree, Horseshoe, Main Bar etc.. Well written

    • ian brooke January 31, 2017 at 09:47 #

      Hi Jules

      Thanks very much for taking the time to have a read and the kind words

      all the best

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