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Best carp from Home Pond a 14lb 8oz Linear Carp

Best carp from Home Pond a 14lb 8oz Linear Carp

Even though I spent a number of years in the Army I am not really an adventurous pioneering type of carper as this post will prove.

It has come to light in the recent months that there is a little lake, no pond, near where I live that may have a few Carp in it. When I say near I mean less than 2 minutes walk with all my kit from our front door and it has only taken just over 4 years to find it!

It is a tear drop shaped pond with an island in the middle that at a guess is maybe just over a half an acre in size. It has an average depth of two and a half feet and the water is chocolate brown. I have no idea as to what the stock is but on my first visit to have a look and after just 10 minutes of watching the water 2 carp had come fully out of the water.

On such a small water keeping quiet is of the upmost importance. I decided to use simple tactics of baiting a couple of areas a foot from the margin with a couple of handfuls of a hemp,sweetcorn and pellet mix. I set up my brolly well back from the waters edge and lowered my rigs onto the spots making the minimal of disturbance. For hook baits I had decided to use a single piece of slow sinking Maze that had been soaked in Hinders Betalin. About an hour later I had my first take from what I am now calling Home Pond which resulted unfortunately in a hook pull. Another two handfuls of the mix were put on the spot and the rig once again lowered into position less than a minute later the rod was off again and this time I managed to land a a nice looking Common of just over 11lb

111lb Home Pond Common Carp

11lb Home Pond Common Carp

I have now done a couple more short sessions on Home Pond and have landed 5 carp with the best being a 14lb 8oz Linear. But I would have had more than double that number if it had not been for hook pulls. I believe the number of hook pulls I am encountering on this pond is due to having to use barbless hooks (but this is a discussion for another day).

Anyway it is nice to have found somewhere so close that I can fish now and then for a few hours that no one else is fishing and get a bend in my rod.

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