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I am sure that like me most of you reading this blog have family and work commitments that mean you don’t get to fish as often as the big names you see in the magazines who are getting out there day in, day out, week after week. I am happy to admit that I am just a little obsessed by fishing and spend a lot of my time (much to the annoyance of Lucy) just thinking about it. But how many of us make excuses not to go when it means putting in a little extra effort to go for just a short session of around 12 hours? I know I have in the past but after a chat with my fishing hero Julian Cundiff I now grab every opportunity I get to go.

I think I am very fortunate as I work away from home 3 days a week and still get to go for a 48 hour session nearly every 3 weeks and in between these sessions if I am lucky I get to fit in a overnighter. But it does mean that I have to be a little more organised than I am used to. First of all when I pack away after a session I make sure that it is packed ready for the next session (for example attaching new leaders, getting gas for the cooker) so that it is ready to just sling in the car and go. I take my rig tying materials with me whilst working away and tie 2 or 3 an evening, little things like that make life so much easier!

A couple of weeks back I did on overnighter at my syndicate water. I arrived about 1500hrs on the Sunday and after a quick walk about settled in a swim and was all set up and fishing by 1700hrs. Nothing happened until 0500 the following morning when I had a take on my left hand rod which resulted in a good looking dark common of 20lb 3oz (caught on a multi-rig with an Xcel Baits KSC pop-up). Once weighed, photographed and safely released it was time to have a cup of tea then pack up and make the drive of just over an hour home and be ready for work at 9!

20lb 3oz common carp from Tyram Hall Fisheries

20lb 3oz common carp caught on a short session at Tyram Hall

So was it worth all that effort? Yes it was!

Why you might ask, well for several reasons really, first of all I got to go fishing, secondly I caught a carp (not going to do that at home), thirdly I was able to introduce some of my bait into the lake before I left and lastly but probably the most important for the future is time spent lake side (even for a few hours) is really helpful in getting to understand how the fish react to conditions, their patrol routes etc which I think is vitally important for future success.

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