Selby 3 Lakes Syndicate Update

I have been out on 2 more sessions since my first session in March and I am pleased to report that I have managed to catch on both occasions.

On both occasions after a walk round the lake I spotted fish in front of a swim that is as far from the car park as you can get. I have to admit I have fallen in love with this swim as it offers so many features such as Lilly pads, a cut through, an island margin, snags and a weed bed. I am sure there is more to find under the surface as well, this will only be found by investigating with a marker lead and float.

I have changed my set up a little this year and I have gone from using lead clips to a semi fixed running lead system and I am still using the ever faithful multi rig, it seems to be working well for me and I am really pleased with it. In two weeks on two different venues (my syndicate and Blasford Hill Fishery in Essex) I landed 17 carp to just over 25lbs on this set up.

23lb14oz common carp

23lb 14oz of Selby 3 lakes Common Carp

I will go through my set up in more detail in later blogs but to give you a little bit of an idea take a look at my post about rig tube.

Over the two sessions I have found 2 spots that I am confident will (if the Carp Gods are being good to me) produce a bite. So far I have landed 4 fish and lost 1 from these spots. I need to put a bit of effort in to finding a good fish producing area for the third rod. I really need to get 3 or 4 spots that I can constantly catch fish from. I also need to do this for a few different swims but I am falling into the trap of just heading for the same swim if it is free each time. Is this a good or bad thing well so far each time I have been able to get in the swim, but soon I will turn up to find that it is not free and I will have to start afresh in a new swim without having clue about it, on the other hand I do seem to catch each time. So it is very hard not to be tempted to head straight for it.

Well that’s it for now hope everyone is still enjoying my blogs and getting out and having a fish or two

All the best


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