Selby 3 Lakes more Bream!

After what had seemed like an age (only a couple of weeks as my girlfriend keeps reminding me) it was time to head off to Selby 3 lakes for another 48hr session. So the car was packed and off I went and  after an hour in the car I was pulling through the gates of the fishery. I met Roger in the car park and he kindly took me off to look at one of his other lakes. I was really impressed by what I saw and the time and effort that Roger has put into these fisheries.

The Kennel swim Selby 3 lakes

The Kennel swim

I had chosen to fish the Kennel swim this time and once again I had the marker rod out. On this occasion however I was not looking for depth rather distance and what I would be fishing over. The right hand rod was placed 4 rod lengths out along the right hand margin and the left hand rod was on a small gravel patch by the bridge on the spit and the middle rod was between the bridge and the old pontoon.

I was having a chat over the fence with a couple of the syndicate lads when the right hand rod bent round and the stow slowly raised up. Soon the 2lb bream was unhooked and swimming off and that was it for the rest of the night. Watching the water at 0530 there were loads of silver fishing topping but alas no signs of car. A bit later on around 0630 a good sized Carp showed 4 times to the right of the old pontoon so without too much haste the middle rod was moved to where I had seen the Carp.

The day warmed up nicely and as I looked in the left margin I could see a very large Mirror cruising slowly along, I guess it was a mid twenty, soon it was joined by two others, a very large Ghost Common and a Mirror that was bigger than the Common! I saw 10 different Carp, 3 decent Pike and a 20lb plus pike all within a foot and a half of the bank. Could I tempt them with a rig placed just off the pads or a floater, no I could not! Was I able to tempt more bream from the very spot I saw the big Mirror feeding earlier in the day on my bait at 11 at night, yes!

I am sorry to say that once again I left with no carp banked but I had a great time and I guess the bream saved the blank. I have booked in again for a few weeks time and I am already excited about it. I will let you know how I get on.

 Solid PVA Bag Rig

Solid PVA Bag Rig

For all you bream fans Ihere is a picture of my ultimate bream rig (well seems to be catching them for me).

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