No 2016 Carp yet!

Well the last 3 months of 2015 was a complete none fishing last quarter of the year due to many different reasons, I won’t bore you with the details.

This year I have managed two 36 hour sessions and I am afraid to report that so far I have not managed to catch a Carp! I have not blanked but I guess not catching what I am targeting would be classed as unsuccessful by some people but I like to try and take the positives from each of the trips.

My first trip was in mid-January just as the temperature took a dive after a winter of mild weather I decide to go fishing and it decided to turn cold, typical!

I arrived at the lake around half past two in the afternoon and after a quick look in a few swims and a chat with a couple of the lads that were already fishing I saw a couple of fish show in the north east corner. So my mind was set, peg 12 was where I was going to fish. I have fished this peg a few times before so I already knew what spots I would fish. After a couple of practice casts with a light lead to check that the spots were still ok it was not long before I was cast out and home was all set up. I was very confident that I would get a bite as over the next few hours I saw four more shows.

But alas no carp took a liking to my hook baits. However a Tench of just over four pounds did (and here comes the positive) it took a homemade cork ball pop-up on a multi rig. This was the first fish I have caught on my own homemade cork ball pop-ups so I was very happy to know that the bait and rig were working. I used the hard hook bait Live System base mix available from CCMoore with extra Hemp Oil and GLM powder.

My second trip was the first weekend in February. Apart from a couple of pike anglers there was no one else on the lake. After an hour I had seen no signs of carp at all. The burning issue was where to go with nothing else to go on other than wind direction, where the majority of the birdlife seemed to be and I had seen fish there the last time I fished so I headed again for peg 12. Two rods were cast out to the spots I had caught from on previous visits and one was placed in the left hand margin. After 24 hours of no action and not seeing a single fish I decided I needed to make something happen. I broke out the marker rod and had a little lead around along my right hand side margin. I am amazed by how much lush green weed there is at the moment and I guess this is because of the mild winter and the fact that the lake is about 3 feet down of its normal level. It did not take long to find a spot surrounded by weed about 2 rod lengths out.

I wound in the left hand rod and cast it back out with a solid PVA bag to my new spot. Well it proved to be a good move and I landed two good fish within 3 hours of the move. Disappointingly they were not Carp, not even Tench but 2 low double Pike caught on plastic pop up corn. What positives can you take from that, well I think I found a spot where fish will feed, my rigs work and as always effort equals rewards.

well hooked

well hooked

pike on corn

pike on pop up yellow sweetcorn









Must be my turn for a carp next time.


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  1. Carp Critic March 28, 2016 at 18:42 #

    Have you had any success on the carp yet Ian ?

    • ian brooke March 29, 2016 at 09:11 #

      Not yet and I have just started on a new water.
      Will be a new post about it soon

  2. Craig March 31, 2016 at 22:23 #

    I’ve only had 2 sessions this year so far! 2!!!!

    Really need to make more time as summer approaches!

    • ian brooke April 7, 2016 at 16:44 #

      Thanks for your comments Graig
      I am now up to 3 for 0 but i think you are right and it will soon be time to have an overnight session between the longer monthly trips


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