New Carp Rods

Well I am very excited as I have ordered some custom built carp rods from Tony Kay ( visit his website at who is one of the North West’s leading rod builders.

Rod choice is a very personal thing and in my opinion we do not put enough consideration into the purchase of them, especially as they are such an important tool in our armoury.

 In the past I have done research on the web and then just gone into tackle shops asked the staff their recommendations, had a waggle of a rod or 2 in the shop and then parted with my hard earned cash.

The process I have gone through with Tony has opened my eyes and will be the only way I will buy another rod ever again. First of all I talked with Tony over the phone to give him a rough idea as to what I was after, a week later we meet up on rainy Monday and spent about an hour and a half on a local lake casting a few different rods and variations. Not only did this give me a true feel of the rods and how they cast but Tony was constantly giving me tips as to how to improve my casting technique. We then went over the various options for handles, rings, whippings etc and the pros and cons of each choice. Once all that was decided Tony then measured me for the correct handle length and the deal was done.

Soon I will have a set of 3 custom built 3.25lb Harrison Torrix Carp Rods and I can’t wait to get out and use them. Now I know a lot of people will be thinking I cannot afford custom built rods but believe me it is money well spent and whilst I will not list the price here  you can pay more for a set of 3 factory built rods from most tackle shops.


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