My Golden Rules of Carp Fishing

have five things that I feel I must get right to be in with a chance of catching a Carp or in fact any type of fish that I am targeting be it Carp, Barbel or Pike.  In reality what getting these things correct gives me is confidence and being confident means that I fish 100% better then when my head is full of little nagging doubts.

Now each one of these can be broken into more detail which I will do in future posts.

No one rule is more important than another so in no particular order they are:

A good bait that the fish want to eat: – this includes both freebies and hook baits. It must be something that the fish will actively search out and will keep coming back for. Also included in this is how you apply the bait.

Locating the fish and a spot where they want to feed: – this really (if there was one) is the most important one to get right as you cannot catch what is not there.

A simple efficient rig: – this must be strong enough to land the fish, be as effective as possible to hook the fish in the first place and be as tangle free as possible.

A sharp hook: – Not much more I can say about this one.

23lb 14oz Selby 3 Lakes Mirror Carp

Get these right and the rewards will come

Simple really and should be second nature to all anglers. Now I wish I could say that if you follow these rules that I guarantee that you will catch but that is as we all know not the case. But you will be upping your chances tenfold if you do. Believe me it is getting all the little things right that will in the end put more fish on the bank.

All there best


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