Last few sessions of 2016

I managed 48 hour sessions in October, November and December, I also managed to blank on all 3 sessions.

The first session I opted to fish Pads again which was a mistake as I had seen fish in a swim just along the bank from Pads but still opted to go in my favourite swim. This was mainly because I got to the lake late and I did not know that swim at all and it would be dark in about an hour’s time.  This was bad angling on my part, I advocate that you should always fish where you spot fish but did not follow my own advice. Also throughout the year I should not stick to one swim all the time, I should take the time to learn about the other swims to give me more options and not end up in this same situation again.

November’s session saw me fishing with my good mate Andy Ormrod who I had invited to come and have a session on the Syndicate as my guest. I really love any time I get to spend fishing with Andy as each time I do he adds a little something to my angling. Andy is an angling tutor (see his website for information on having a tutorial with Andy which I can highly recommend. He is also a consultant for Aqua Products ) he has such a wealth of knowledge and just the little bits of information I gleam from him up’s my game no end. The downside is that we spend hours talking about how we fish for Carp and how this works or how should we do this or what if we do this that I end up thinking about all different theories of this and that. This is not really a downside as I truly believe that anything that makes you think about how or why you doing x, y and z can only make you a better angler.

Sad to say that we did both manage to blank. Andy lost one in the weed and I had 2 dropped runs. Having said that I did fish a different swim this time and found a couple of spots that will be worth fishing again.

would be better playing a fish

the rods look nice but would be better playing a fish

In December I arrived at the syndicate at just before seven in the morning, after walking the lake for the next hour and a half and not seeing a single sign of a fish guess which swim I decided to fish…. no not Pads but another new swim. Without much difficulty I found a bar/gravel area which I decided to fish with two rods and a nice margin spot. I was very confident that these areas would produce a bite but unfortunately this was not to be the case. Now this has to be the most Carpy I have ever been. It is a swim that no one ever fishes, it is overgrown and unkempt and is the smallest swim on the lake. To be able to fish the margin area I wanted to  I had to risk life and limb (ok not really just maybe getting my feet wet) to pull back a couple of branches and secure in place with my barrow elastic (which I obviously removed at the end of my session) to allow an underarm flick to the spot. This will be however another swim that I will definitely fish again!

All the best


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