How The Best Carp Anglers Can Help You

Whilst I respect the opinions and talent of a lot of anglers there are a few that stand out for me. These are anglers that have influenced my Carp angling in a big way, some from the very start and some more recently.

As you can probably guess at the top of this list is Julian Cundiff and in no particular order the other five anglers that have had the biggest impact on my Carp angling are Simon Crow, Dave Lane, Frank Warwick, Joe Turnbull and Rob Hughes 

You are probably wondering what this has to do with helping you catch Carp. Well what I do is follow them on social media, read their books and magazine articles and watch any videos that they may make. I then take bits and pieces from each person and incorporate them into my own fishing. Each little nugget of information is always taken as a starting point which may then evolve into my own take on it. This is how I have come to my own style of doing things.

fishing with Joe Turnbull

fishing with Joe Turnbull

There are so many resources out there to gain valuable insights and these will help you grow as an angler. You don’t have to follow the same people as I do, it is just a starting point.

I have been lucky enough to fish and spend time with Simon Crow and Joe Turnbull and I hope one day that I will be able to spend some bank time with the others on my list especially the mighty Mr Cundiff!

All the best


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