Fox Edges Cortex Matt Review

Fox Coretex mat

Fox Coretex mat


I started using this coated braid just over a year ago for my hook lengths and I am really happy with it.

It is supple enough that I am confident that it is not sitting at a funny angle on the lake bed, yet has enough stiffness that it will cause the rig to reset if it is ejected (which if we are honest with ourselves must acknowledge that this happens a lot before we hook a fish).

I always use the weed green version and I know there is a lot written about matching the colour of the lakebed but do you really know what the colour is? I admit I don’t but from my observations from looking in the margins and various underwater footage in my opinion green is best, why? Well that is easy, every body of water has aquatic plant life in some shape or form and most is a shade of green, so something that is a similar colour to objects that are naturally occurring in the water will more than likely be viewed with little or no suspicion.

I also like to use it in 25lb, it is still very supple yet retains enough stiffness to reset my favourite Multi-Rig perfectly each time. The outer coating is easy to strip and I like the fact that the inner core is a different colour. I also like the matt finish which can only help in making the hook length blend in with its surroundings. Another advantage I have found is that it does not need to be steamed straight, just pulling the braid between my finger and thumb once or twice does the job!

I have no hesitation in recommending Fox Cortex Matt, it has never let me down and is a great addition to the Fox Edges range.

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