Fishing Doldrums

Maybe just maybe the title of this Blog post is a little on the dramatic side but 2 months without getting on the bank is driving me a little stir crazy.

I had no free time in August due to work and family commitments. I know I could have done an overnight session here and there. Whilst we are talking about overnight sessions just what is a quick overnighter? Because I have no idea and it drives me nuts hearing everybody talk about “had a quick overnighter on Thursday”. I will allow people stating that it was a short overnight session of say less than 5 hours but anything more than that it is an overnight session simple as that, not quick, fast or slow!

Rant over for now, must be the lack of fishing that is turning me into a grumpy old man (Lucy would say it is just how I am all the time).

So back to the subject of overnight sessions. I really do admire any angler that can turn up late in the day fish overnight, then get packed up and do full day’s work the following day. I have done it in the past but not in the last two years. So my early new year’s resolution is that in 2017 I am going to get my arse in gear, get motivated and get out and do some overnight sessions.

September was written off due to illness. Anybody that tells you that a UTI is not the most painful thing in the world is lying to you. It put me out of action for over a week. But as I write this I am once again fighting fit.

So the October trip is planned and I cannot wait. Sometimes carp fishing can be very frustrating but believe me nothing compares to the frustration of not being able to go. Not going through choice is one thing but when you have no control that is another thing altogether.

All the best


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