First Visit to Selby 3 Lakes

Having followed Julian Cundiff for more years than I care to admit I finally had the chance to fish the Selby 3 Lakes complex which Jules had written so much about.

I barrowed my mountain of gear around to my chosen peg which was the Oak tree swim. I really could have only chosen one peg that was further away from the car park but the job was made a lot easier by the very well maintained path ways!

my swim

Oak Tree Swim

Once in the swim (thanks to having done quite a lot of research beforehand) it only took a few casts with the marker rod to find a bar to my left and a gravel spot in the left hand margin near an overhanging tree. Two rods were then placed at the bottom of the bar in 13 feet of water at the point where the bar joined the spit. One was baited with a Northern Special pop-up on a stiff hinged rig and the second had a cut down Odyssey XXX boilie tipped with a piece of yellow plastic sweet corn on a blow back rig. For the Margin spot I used a solid PVA bag with a single piece of white slow sinking plastic sweet corn.

I proceeded to set up camp setting up my bivvy  which comfortably fit in the peg. The pegs are very natural looking and are covered in wood bark chippings with plenty of room. After everything was sorted out I settled down with a cup of tea and kept watching the water for any signs of fish. I saw a few small fish in the area and one carp roll to the right of my bar spot. Just after 7pm the margin rod alarm went off which resulted in a bream of around 2lbs. The rod was put back on the spot within minutes due to having a number of PVA bags already made up. It was not long until the middle rod went off but unfortunately I lifted into nothing!

selby Pike

14lb 3oz Pike

Having seen no more signs of carp I went to get a few hours sleep . At just before 5am the margin rod screamed off and after a spirited fight I had a 14lb 3oz pike in my net which was properly hooked in the scissors, during the fight the pike had  managed to take out my other two rods. All three rods were recast and I moved one bar rod to a spot which Roger had told me about further along the spit towards a silver birch (which funnily enough is where I had seen the carp roll the night before). I  decided to change the rig on this rod from a stiff hinged rig to a multi-rig again baited with a Northern Special.

Apart from another bream again around the 2lb mark all was quiet; the lake seemed to come alive in the evening but alas the alarms did not go off until the following morning. When the rod on the spot Roger had suggested slowly went off here we go, I thought to myself, my first Selby carp but no it was another bream this time a bigger one of just short of 5lbs but not what I was after.

All too soon it was time to pack up and go home. I had met some really nice people over the weekend all of whom were very friendly and welcoming. There was a surprising amount of wildlife and Selby was a fantastic fishery to spend 48hrs on. Well I guess I didn’t blank but would have liked a carp. I can’t wait to fish it again!

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