Early Spring Carp Fishing

19lb 14oz common carp caught last spring

19lb 14oz common carp caught last spring

Well it won’t be long now until the clocks go forward, it starts to get a little warmer (fingers crossed) and the Carp are hopefully waking up from there winter slumber. It is at this time of year that I change the mainlines on all my reels, check all of my kit and carry out any maintenance that is needed.

As always dusk and dawn are the best times to be watching the water as the Carp will more than likely give their location away. On warm sunny days you will often find them basking in the sun especially in the shallows. They can also be quite active at night so listen out for any sounds of fish “boshing out”, try and work out where they are and be prepared to move onto them. Even at this time of year they can still be shoaled up in an area and will not be moving around the lake as they will in the summer.

mainline pineapple pop up on a multi-rig

Yellow pop up

Even though the Carp will be starting to get more active they will not be at the same level they will be towards the end of May and at the start of June. It will only take a short spell of cold weather to put them back into there winter state. It is my opinion that introducing a big bed of bait would be a mistake and that particles are not the way to go either.  My preferred baiting strategy would be to use a small PVA bag of boilie crumb with a scattering of around 10 halved/whole boilies with either a pop up or snowman setup. As in winter a high visibility pop up can score well and I like to use them in yellow or white.

CC Moore Hook baits

CC Moore Hard Hook baits

Boilie wise I would still avoid fishmeal’s with a high oil content and go with ones that are easily digestible. This year I will be using a mix of Equinox and Live System from CC Moore (http://www.ccmoore.com). It is also a great time of year to start introducing bait as part of your baiting campaign. After each session I would try and put around 30 baits in various swims around the lake, it is even better if you can do this a few times before your session. Please always be considerate to the other anglers on the lake and do not affect anybody else’s fishing.


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  1. Mike Samways April 11, 2015 at 18:43 #

    Great blog Ian, I always like to see other anglers approach to fishing in the spring time and I agree yellow or pink pops seem to do me well at this time of the year.

    • ian brooke April 14, 2015 at 13:51 #

      Hi Mike

      Thanks very much for the comments
      There will be a new post soon with a lovely common caught on a pink one

      Thanks again

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