Another Successful Trip to Tyram Fisheries Syndicate

I arrived at the lake Thursday afternoon to find it completely empty. This has never happened before and quite frankly gave me too much choice! After an hour and a half of watching the water (and if I am honest I did not see one sign of a fish) I at long last decided on my swim. I was very tempted to go into the swim I was in last time which produced two fish for me but I decided on a different swim which I knew had thrown up a few fish in the past weeks.

21lb mirror carp from Tyram Hall Fisheries

21lb Mirror Carp from Tyram Hall Fisheries

So it was out with the marker road with no float just a lead; first cast and I found an area of silt/gravel on the far side of a massive amount of weed. I guessed this was one of the bars that I had been told about. I then searched for an area near to the island to the right of me and found an area of silt in deeper water about one and a half rod lengths from the island which was a cast of 74 yards. As I pulled the lead back I found another silt/gravel area at around 44 yards out near a patch of Lilies on another bar. I decided to leave the island spot alone and put two rods on the first area I found and fish one rod on the second area. On the first spot I used a solid bag with a CC More Live System boilie tipped with pink corn with a supple braid hook length. On the other rod I had a Pop up presented on a Multi-rig with about a kilo of free offerings spread over a large area. On the second spot it was again the ever faithful Multi-rig with a pop up this time with only 18 free offerings (I am a bit OCD with numbers when fishing as you will find out but 9 is my number)

Just before 7pm I had my first run on the solid bag rig. I felt the fish for less than 5 seconds and it was off, disappointed I reeled the rig in and the hook was blunt. I am sure I checked the hook before I used it. The good thing was I had several bags already prettied so it was just a case of clipping the rod back up and attaching the bag. Within 5 minutes of reeling in the rig was back on the spot with another 2 handfuls of free offerings. An hour later the other rod on the first spot rattled off I did everything I could to keep the fish under control but this thing was fighting hard but after 5 minutes I had it in the net .The result was a 13lb 2oz hard fighting Mirror which meant no blank and that my rigs and bait were working. That was it for the night apart from a line bite from the second spot.

common carp from Tyram Hall Fisheries

23lb common carp from Tyram Hall Fisheries

The alarm went off at 4:30am and within minutes I saw 2 carp show right over the island spot I had found the evening before. I told myself “one more show and I am moving that rod”. 10 minutes later and the rod was reeled in, the line clipped up at 74 yards and a new Mainline Pineapple Juice pop up attached and cast to the island. Ironically a couple minutes later another carp showed but this time from the spot I had just moved the rod from! The thought did enter my mind to move the rod back but I was confident I had made the right choice and 30 minutes later the 18lb 2oz common in my landing net proved me correct. With the common safely resting in the retainer sling and 2 more handfuls of free offerings scattered near the island I decided that it was time to move another rod onto the island spot both on the Pineapple pop-ups as these seem to be doing the business. Photographs done and it was time to watch my prize swim strongly away. It was time for a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich, well that is what I thought! Just as the kettle boiled the left hand rod alarm sounded I picked up the rod but there was nothing on the end. Back out it went and before I could clip on the bobin it was off again and this time I was attached to a fish, after a fantastic fight I landed the biggest fish of the session another common carp weighing 23lb on the nose

Fish kept showing out in front of me but there was no more action on the rods. It was time to reel in and have a walk round the lake and have a chat with the other members who had turned up and see how they were getting on. Only 2 other carp had been out overnight so I was very happy with my result.

13lb 12oz Koi Carp from Tyram Hall Fisheries

Psyico Bob Tyram Hall Fisheries

The rods were cast again the right hand rod was a solid bag to spot one, the middle rod had the usual pop up but this time the left hand rod was a Multi-rig with a Live System 15mm bottom bait tipped with half a pop-up. Well this change of bait proved to be the right thing to do as in the next 18 hours I landed 4 more fish which consisted of a 18lb

Mirror, a 21lb Mirror, a 19lb 14 oz common and one of the named fish called Psycho Bob, it is not a big fish but it lived up to its name beating me up both in the water and on the bank. Weighing 13lb 12oz it was a PB Koi for me!

All too soon it was time to pack up and go home with fish still showing in front of me. I was sure I would have caught a few more but I was very happy with the fish I had caught as I am sure everyone could tell by the smile on my face!

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