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Well after lots and lots of searching and putting my name on various waiting lists (fingers crossed I will get an invite in the next couple of years to one of them!) I have finally joined a syndicate and have fallen in love with the place already. The fishery in question is Tyram Fisheries Syndicate near Doncaster which is roughly 77 miles from where I live.

The lake is between 6 and 7 acres and is full of features such as islands, bars, lots of lily pads, reed lined margins and lots of weedy areas (which I am told can get very bad in the warmer months). The biggest carp is “Baby Baz” which graced the banks at the end of 2013 at 39lb 10oz and Simon Crow landed her just this month at 39lb 1oz. I must admit that this syndicate delivers just about everything I could wish for!

I have managed two 48hr sessions so far and you will be glad to know that I am still catching Bream with 3 landed on my first visit and no carp. My prowess for catching Bream has caused quite a bit of amusement between some of the other lads on the syndicate as it seems catching a single bream in a year is a rare thing let alone 3 and then another one on my second visit. However on my second visit along with the Bream I landed a 20lb Mirror Carp and a 24lb 2oz Common Carp. I cannot tell you how happy I was to land that first carp.


common carp from Tyram Hall Fisheries

24lb 2oz common carp from Tyram Hall Fisheries

I am really looking forward to the next couple of years fishing this lake. I don’t normally target certain carp to catch as I am just happy catching fish but there are 2 that I would really like to catch. They are Arthur who hovers around 30lb and Cluster which is around the 33lb mark. This will not be easy to do for the following reasons

  1. Both would be PB’s as I have yet to catch a 30lb carp
  2. I can only fish one overnight and one 48 hour session a month

But more than anything I am just going to enjoy my fishing. I am still going to do the odd visit to other fisheries (next week I am off to Linear for a few days, thank you Lucy for letting me do all this fishing right now) but Tyram is going to be my main focus.

All the best


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