A couple more Carp from the syndicate

Another trip to Selby and guess which swim i went in? Yes the same one again but to be fair in my mind I was planning on fishing a different swim as I travelled to the lake. Unfortunately it was already taken and as I spotted 6 different fish in front of my favourite swim it seemed rude not to fish it.

It did not take long to get two rods cast out onto my going spots as I have the distances written down. After about 15 minutes of leading around I found a spot  for my 3rd rod which I thought would be good for a bite. I could see fish cruising along the far margin and there was a clear hard spot just in front of some lilies. This to me seemed to be a very good area to present a bait and at 44 yards a nice comfortable spot to fish.

Well it seems that I am still unable to find a third spot that will produce fish as once again my two hotspots both produced fish. Two from one but I unfortunately lost it to a hook pull right at the net and 1 form the other spot. I can not understand why I am unable to find another area that fishes as well as these two. I have now tried 6 different areas but to no avail. I will keep trying and one day I will get it right.

The two carp that I did land were both mirrors one of 23b 14oz and the other was the biggest that I have had from Selby at 27lb on the nose. Both took a liking to Deep Six pop ups from the Bait Room presented on the now boring Multi Rig over a scattering of Live System Boilies from CCMore.


27lb Mirror Carp my biggest carp so far from Selby 3 Lakes syndicate

27lb Mirror Carp my biggest Carp so far from Selby 3 Lakes Syndicate

I have changed my Multi Rig slightly and will do an update blog on how I now tie the rig.

Well this will be my last trip out until August due to work and family commitments but can not wait until I get to be back on the bank again.

All the best


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