Do You Want To Improve Your Carp Fishing

Well if you do here are my best 5 ways to improve your fishing

Whatever species you target get these things right and you will definitely up your success rate. I will cover each point in detail in future blogs.

  1.  Watercraft/Location: – this is paramount in my opinion and is the most important part of my angling armoury. If you can develop an understanding of a venue, know the features of the lake both above and beneath the surface, how the fish react to certain conditions ie wind and observe the carp’s behaviour on that specific venue then I guarantee your catch rate will improve.
  2. Rigs: – As Public Enemy said “Don’t Believe the Hype” there is no super rig which is 100% anti eject and will never tangle etc. I have 3 rigs that I use, a supple braid rig, a coated braid bottom bait rig and the Multi-rig which most of the time I use for both pop ups and bottom baits. Don’t be tempted to change this and that just because you are not catching, have confidence in the rigs you use, they have caught before and will again.
  3.  Bait: – All I can say is go for quality every time. There are so many food choices for the carp on most venues that yours has to stand out and keep those carp attracted to your area and your hook bait. Don’t forget when it comes to the amount of free offerings you can put more in but you can’t take it out.
  4.  Casting/Accuracy: – This is almost as important as location because it is no good going to all the effort of finding features etc if you are not presenting your hook bait in the correct place. Know your distances (I wrap around bank sticks) to your spots, always hit the clip or feather the cast and feel the lead down on a tight line.
  5. Stay Hydrated: – OK I realise that this will not appear in most people’s lists of top tips but believe me it makes a difference. Drink lots of water it will stop you feeling lethargic and unmotivated. I try to drink 500ml on the way then I will carry a bottle with me as I walk round the lake. After I have barrowed the vast amount of equipment I take with me to the swim I sit for 5 minutes and have a few more mouthfuls of water while I make 100% sure in my mind that this is the right swim to be in.

Oh and one last point have fun and enjoy every session. A blank is not a failure it is one more step towards success and it is not always about catching. It is about being there and taking a break from all the stress and strains of everyday life!!


All the best


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