Skee-Tex Field Boots

Skee Tex Field Boots

Skee Tex Field Boots

This is probably the wrong time of the year to write this review as we are now approaching spring time but I thought as I have put these boots through there paces this winter now was as good as time as ever.

For the past few years I  have suffered in the winter from cold feet well in truth cold toes and I have tried a number of different solutions to the problem, thicker socks, 2 pairs of socks, thermal socks, heat pads (I think you get the idea).  The Skee-Tex Field boots have been by far the best way I have found to resolve the issue.

They have a 100% waterproof rubber base with a 98% waterproof suede upper with a removal liner and this is what makes this boot a winner for me. It is made with English wool and they are very warm. I have two tips, first of all wear a good pair of wool socks with them and secondly after use take the liners out and let them air for a few hours.

The only negative I have with these boots is that if you take them off after wearing them all day to change your socks for example, they do not keep your feet as warm when you put them back on. I think that this is because even though the liner is designed to keep moisture away they do seem to retain a little moisture after prolonged use. But they have kept my feet the warmest they have been for the past couple of winters and would highly recommend them to anyone wanting warm feet in the depths of winter.

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