How To Improve Your Hook Baits

 boilies and Feedstim XP

boilies and Feedstim XP

I am a great believer in having a hook bait that attracts the carp over and over again. Before I get into how I do it I would like to explain why. It is really quite easy, like them or loath them the Korda underwater videos have taught me loads and have given me an insight into what is going on in the carp’s world. The most clear observation is that the hook bait and rig can be picked up and rejected numerous times. For me I have to be confident in two things; the rig must reset itself and the hook bait must be attractive enough to keep the carp coming back to feed on it.

I am going to explain what I do to make my hook baits just that little bit more attractive and the process I follow also makes the bait more resistant to nuisance fish.

Step 1- take a number of freezer bait boilies in your chosen size and flavour and coat them with CC Mores Feedstim XP liquid and leave them to draw in the liquid whilst they thaw.

Step 2 – once all the XP liquid has been absorbed let the boilies air dry for around 12 hours.

Step 3 – coat the baits in a thick coating of dip and keep adding more dip until no more is being absorbed by the boilies. This step has 2 benefits, because of the air drying in step 2 the boilies will absorb the dip thus making them more attractive. The second benefit is that being left in the dip will harden the baits.

There you have it, 3 easy steps that will improve your hook baits. I am sure this will help you put more fish on the bank. One last tip for you, when you take your free offerings out of the freezer cover them in Feedstim XP liquid (about 40ml per Kilogram) as they thaw they will draw the liquid in.

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