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Why should we listen to you because you go on tutorials?

I have received a few comments asking why, if I am offering advice to people to improve their carp angling should people listen to what I have to say if I go on tutorials myself. Yes, I am a qualified level 2 Angling coach but this does not mean that I do not go on learning. I see it as being part of my Continual […]

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My Golden Rules of Carp Fishing

have five things that I feel I must get right to be in with a chance of catching a Carp or in fact any type of fish that I am targeting be it Carp, Barbel or Pike.  In reality what getting these things correct gives me is confidence and being confident means that I fish 100% better then when my head is full of little […]

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How often do you recast?

For me it has to be as little as possible and if I do I try to avoid times when everybody else does it! On most lakes you will notice that most people will recast at dusk and dawn and nearly everyone will be doing it at the same time. I think that these times are the prime bite times and the last thing I […]

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