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Short Session Carp Fishing

I am sure that like me most of you reading this blog have family and work commitments that mean you don’t get to fish as often as the big names you see in the magazines who are getting out there day in, day out, week after week. I am happy to admit that I am just a little obsessed by fishing and spend a lot […]

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Richworth Linear Trip

    So I finally got to visit Linear fisheries last week for 48 hours after our first trip was cancelled due to the carp spawning. Myself and Andy set off on the long trip to Linear from Bolton at 0630 on Tuesday morning and after a little delay on the M6 we arrived at Linear around 1030. We had decided that we were going […]

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Do You Want To Improve Your Carp Fishing

Well if you do here are my best 5 ways to improve your fishing Whatever species you target get these things right and you will definitely up your success rate. I will cover each point in detail in future blogs.  Watercraft/Location: – this is paramount in my opinion and is the most important part of my angling armoury. If you can develop an understanding of […]

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Another Successful Trip to Tyram Fisheries Syndicate

I arrived at the lake Thursday afternoon to find it completely empty. This has never happened before and quite frankly gave me too much choice! After an hour and a half of watching the water (and if I am honest I did not see one sign of a fish) I at long last decided on my swim. I was very tempted to go into the […]

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A New Syndicate

  Well after lots and lots of searching and putting my name on various waiting lists (fingers crossed I will get an invite in the next couple of years to one of them!) I have finally joined a syndicate and have fallen in love with the place already. The fishery in question is Tyram Fisheries Syndicate near Doncaster which is roughly 77 miles from where […]

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A Return to Fly Fishing

It has been quite a long time since I have done any serious bank fishing for Trout but last week I took the opportunity to get out and see if I could have a few. My casting was never the best and being rusty it took a little while practising on the field behind the lake before I was back into the swing of things […]

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Selby 3 Lakes more Bream!

After what had seemed like an age (only a couple of weeks as my girlfriend keeps reminding me) it was time to head off to Selby 3 lakes for another 48hr session. So the car was packed and off I went and  after an hour in the car I was pulling through the gates of the fishery. I met Roger in the car park and […]

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First Visit to Selby 3 Lakes

Having followed Julian Cundiff for more years than I care to admit I finally had the chance to fish the Selby 3 Lakes complex which Jules had written so much about. I barrowed my mountain of gear around to my chosen peg which was the Oak tree swim. I really could have only chosen one peg that was further away from the car park but […]

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Why should you buy an Aqua Products Endura Tristar De-Luxe?

      Really the title should be “Why did I buy a Tristar De-Luxe?” but there you go and the answer to that question is that I needed something to protect my new custom built Torrix rods (there will be a review of these soon). I have used a rod holdall before but found it very bulky and unwieldy with too much padding. For […]

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The Northern Angling Show

Last Sunday I went to the Northern Angling Show which was being held at Event City in Manchester. I went nice and early to avoid the Christmas shoppers queuing for the Trafford centre. I have to say I was very impressed and must admit that I was quite surprised that there were not more anglers attending. There were plenty of stands covering all aspects of […]

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