Carp Obsessed

I cannot shake off the carp bug, I have tried targeting Pike, Trout, Barbel and even Grayling  but nothing compares to catching carp!! So now I have to stand up and announce to the world that I am totally obsessed with carp fishing.

I think that I could have made getting back into Carp fishing in a big way a lot easier on myself by not starting out in winter (but then I am not known for making life easy for myself).  I made the decision that seeing as my day of Pike fishing was so successful that the best thing to do was to give Andy a ring and  book a day’s session with him with carp in mind.

Well as always I chose a good day to go weather wise (you will soon find out that if I am going fishing the weather is going to be bad.) It had gotten so cold over night that the doors on my car were frozen shut. It stayed cold all day with a bitter north easterly but at least it stayed dry and in the day shelter it was surprisingly warm.

Andy was as usual  full of tips and advice. We went through a couple of different rigs, presentations and baiting strategies that more than anything got me thinking about what I was doing rather than just blindly doing the same thing all the time and more often than not blanking!! Once again I had the most enjoyable day, after numerous cups of coffee and cake I ended the day having landed 5 carp 4 of which were doubles with the best being a 17lb 6oz common which looked stunning in its winter colours. To make things even better I made it into issue 998 of Carp Talk. You cannot ask for more from cold days carping  in December.

17lb Common Carp

Winter Carp Fishing

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