Welcome to my Carp Fishing Blog, my name is Ian Brooke and fishing is my passion

Common Carp Mainline Activ-8

27lb 3oz caught at the Birch on Mainline Activ-8

I hope that you will find this Fishing blog interesting, insightful, sometimes funny, helpful and just maybe a little inspiring!!

This is not really a “how to” it is just me sharing my thoughts about fishing with the world. This is all about how I fish, how I do things and my thoughts and opinions,

I have been a keen fisherman since the age of six when I caught my first fish at West Bay in Dorset, A whiting which apparently I made my dad cook for me to eat. (he loves to tell everyone this story)

I enjoy all aspects of Coarse, Game and Sea fishing, however my main passion is for specimen Carp!

I have fished many different types of water from large still waters like the Carp Society’s Horseshoe Lake to a small 4-acre lake tucked away in a secluded part of the Forest of Dean, which contains some stunning Common Carp.
In 2004 I took part for the first and only time in the Korda sponsored British Carp Angling Championships and reached the National Finals after being the Runner Up at the Kingsbury Pine Pool eliminator, We did not do so well in the Final!! But it was all good fun